Yorkshire Pudding

yorkshire pudding

I’m testing a gluten-free yorkshire pudding recipe at the moment, so forgive me if I keep running in there to peek. Thinking about how to add something extra to a meat-and-potatoes meal for Christmas, and thinking that maybe some traditional English dishes might be nice. I’m not sure I care about what sort of vegetables would have been served – probably carrots, peas, potatoes, that sort of thing. Looking at menu cards from Victorian era, I’ve confirmed that each course had a meat mentioned but rarely do they talk about the side dishes, only that there would have been 3-4 with each course.

Dishes still need to be done, running the trash containers out, and finally the last of the presents needs to be wrapped. A busy evening yet, so I think I’ll find a cup of coffee and doctor it with coffee liquor and cream. Van and I both went to the liquor store today; he seems to have bought a case of wine. I replenished the hard stuff while they have sales on all our favorites.

Puddings are done.

Sadly, I’m not crazy about the puddings. I’m sure it was the oil – I’d used canola oil because that’s what I had on hand. The batter absorbs a lot of it. I wonder what fat would be best – maybe lard? The pan is heated at 425 degrees with the oil in the pan, so the batter starts baking as soon as it’s ladled in. Also I must have beaten too much air into them- they were light and didn’t collapse like the ones in the picture above. And really no flavor – no salt or other flavorings, only egg, milk and flour. Since they are meant to be served as a bread with plenty of gravy to stretch out a beef meal, especially leftover meats, I suppose that’s OK…but I don’t think I want to serve these.

If I had any real flour in the house, I’d try again with lard…if I had any of *that*. It would be a different type of bread, wouldn’t it?

Ah well. Time to get cracking around here! Starting by throwing out the rest of those pudding-muffins….


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