White Christmas!


My graham cracker house, shortly after being made. Got it home successfully and now it’s surrounded by presents, on our tree-table. The ground around it is white with green showing through – pretty much what I had outside when I got up.  I went over to Rachel and Danielle’s house yesterday and we all made holiday candy houses. They aren’t gingerbread houses, not a bite of gingerbread in them! (I seem to be turning into a pedant) I had a great time and we may just decide to make this a regular activity.

The secret was to actually use the right type of icing. Royal icing sets up fast and doesn’t drip all over the place and I’d not ever tried it before. I wish I had – I’d have done this ages ago with my own children. You can use egg whites or buy meringue powder to make the icing. We had a couple of icing syringes, too, which really made things easier. Buy some cheap ones; if you decide to NOT clean them up, who cares? I did wash mine for next time. I’m thinking trees covered with bird seed  and yarn for this spring?

Anyway,  you can do this too – go find some children, google or library some directions, pull out those graham crackers from last summer and play.




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