A pirate boardgame

I could continue re-watching seasons 7 through whatever of Doctor Who. Or continuing to keep up with stalking British mystery series. With a new project on the loom, I could do that. Or I could watch Lynda.com videos about graphic design, web design, and marketing plans. Useful stuff. Or I could sit here all day, reading FaceBook, and gleam a bit of knowledge from in between the Buzzfeed posts and cat videos.

Or I could get out of this chair and create things, learning while I do so. It’s the holiday break! So in between working for HomeGrown Web Services and in between holiday activities, I’ll get active. I know that going to work at the Rochester Public Library was very good for me physically – I’m on my feet for longer periods of time, I’m moving more and feeling better. I’m going to work on doing that here at home, and making a game out of it, too. A game with yarn and shuttle, or one with cat and string, or with cleaning rag and Pinesol, even.

Besides, it will give me things to blog about! I’m already behind a post, after claiming two days ago I was going to blog every day on the break. I tried. I started this post yesterday….does that count? No?

Here is my excuse. I fell into a new book series. Craig Johnson’s Longmire series is awesome. The second book kept me up until 2 am, finishing it. The characters are even more interesting in these books than they are in the television series which you can go watch on Netflix. Who now is set to continue the series within their own production studios and I’m so very happy about that. All hail Netflix! Anyway, I’ll check later to see if I can download the audiobooks as a reward for actually carrying through with this plan.

So, I’m up, I’m caffeinated and have written a bit. Ta-ta for now and I’ll see you later today.



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