School is out! On to writing…


I’ve had a busy semester of artwork, which frequently seemed like I was coloring between the lines on the computer, rather than creating true art. I did have moments where things came together and I felt like art was happening, though. Similar experience to when I’m writing. So until January 12, when school takes up again, I’m going to post something on this website every day.

Any one post might not be brilliant. It’s the repetition, the experience here on this website. My other two websites also need more content, I know.

I’m also going to get my picture files cleaned up and organized, to whatever point 30 minutes a day leads me to an organized set of files. That was about all I could stand here this morning before the urge to do something else became overwhelming. Boring task. I’m adding tags and other metadata to the ones I’m keeping, hoping to speed up posts like this one by having pictures from my own files to use.

But for now, I’m going to go find some clothes and then warp a loom. I’m going to get warpy in my own special way!


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