Pinterest, I’m in you.

Wow, that’s confusing.

I’ve got a new Pinterest profile and I intend to use the darn thing to find and share interesting fiber-related websites. And I’m thinking I should find and follow some of my favorite people but wow! that was hard.

Or maybe I’m just tired. Or it is the episode of Castle I’m trying to follow? Or maybe it was just overly confusing over there on Pinterest. Anyway, my new profile is and if I’ve followed you before, I want to follow you again. And maybe I should have been following you all along. Especially if you like fiber in any way at all.*

On other fiber-related news, I’ve learned you can use a drop spindle as a supported spindle if your spindle falls within certain parameters. Well-balanced is important, and the pointy-bottom, low whorl types work best. I’ve been working through my drop spindles, testing, as I have borrowed a supported spindle and it worked FANTASTICALLY but is now full. I want to fill another one and then ply the two together…but only have one supported spindle. So I found a drop spindle of similar weight and am making it work, and am not sure what will happen when that one is full but I bet I can find yet another drop spindle that works just fine. For this project.

But I really want to see if I can get this type of spindle made. Lovely, isn’t it?  Phoenix Moon can do the woodworking, and Gecko Glass Creations can do the lampwork whorl, and Fanny’s Your Aunt, I’m spinning with beautiful things.

I have a meeting at 7 am tomorrow and I plan to take my work with me. The spinning, not the library work or the homework or the website work, lol. Which will make me pretty unique, I’m thinking. A first, maybe, at the Rochester Open Coffee Club?

Well, bedtime! Night!



*This is a good portion of the people I stalk on FaceBook. But really? No idea. Maybe 10%? I may have to do a survey at some point and crunch the numbers.

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