Everything coming up roses!

Just a quick update post before I tear into homework for the day. All is well and so rather unnerving. Meh. If that shoe drops, I’ll roll out from underneath it.

The new position at the Rochester Public Library is going well. I’ll be working at the Customer Service desk that you see as you walk into the library, mostly evenings and weekends, I think. That’s not a big issue at the moment as I really need to be scheduledĀ to train with a number of different people and not go into brain-overload. I reached at point today going over the circulation system but that’s probably my own fault. I kept thinking of scenarios and discussing them because I was very interested in understanding local policy and because Kim was very willing to do so.

I’m also working on the new services platform at Rochester Fiber Link, building the contact lists to help people find fibery goodness. I want that ready to roll out on the 22nd when I’m at the Pine Island Holiday Expo. That week is also the week of Rochester’s Global Entrepreneur Week events – if you check out the link, you’ll find a week’s worth of useful and interesting presentations around Rochester. The one I’m involved with is on the 20th, noon.

And there is always homework, which I should be getting back to doing. I’m enjoying the learning but here is yet one more thing eating up the hours.

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