Pulled in many directions


Being a business owner that is going to school that is also involved in her community means being busy beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Staying organized is vitally important and I’m refocusing on my use of calendars, organizational to-do apps and lists on paper like never before. And if you’re a long-time reader of this website, you know I like my to-do apps…I even spend money on a good one.

But that’s part of the problem. I app-jump when really the problem is committing to a daily review of the things on the list, and prioritizing them and then sticking to them. In reality I jump from task to task, rarely sticking to one thing until it is done. And I hate that! I know that the current thought is that as long as these are all high level tasks and as long as I don’t have that fifteen minute gap between them, as long as the flow is seamless – who cares? Keep moving forward and produce! It still feels like I’m giving in to impulses.

So here on my personal website, I’ll confess that it’s an exciting journey! This *being a business owner/ student/ community person*! And I’ve gone back to paper – specifically, tiny cute index cards meant for vocabulary flashcards. I use Myndology’s cards because the company is out of Wisconsin. I can sort things out on my desk and reorganize tasks and toss out cards when the task is done. It’s what works for me.

Well, bouncing on now.

Edit – I’d emailed Myndology several days ago to warn them that their website is displaying odd warnings. I can’t be the only one seeing that.

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