I started a new resource page for people who love fiber

Wool, angora, alpaca, spinning yarn, weaving, knitting,crocheting….

The list goes on and on. I know enough about knitting and crochet to be dangerous, as they say. I love weaving and need to do more of it, I spin wool (so much wool yarn! What to do with it all?) and I’ve been known to set up dye pots on a whim and simmer well into the night.

Most importantly, I so enjoy being with people who also love the fiber arts that I want to spend huge chunks of my life supporting other people’s enthusiasm. I like seeing people who spend huge chunks of their own lives pursuing their crafts.

So I started a new website…

RochesterFiber.Link. And I started it earlier than I should have, I know. I don’t have the resources the page promises listed yet – but the stories about Spinzilla are quickly passing us by and I needed to get those down on paper. Where they belong. On this page that I realized I could do and do well, as I know social media marketing.

Invitations will be going out to the people and businesses I already know, but AFTER Spinzilla is over. I’ve moved my spinning wheel to be within inches of this desk – hehehe – this makes me happy. Now while I’m listening to school lectures, I can also spin. This also makes me happy.




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