Getting ready for Spinzilla

Next week is A Monster of a Spinning Week!

Presented and organized by The National Needlearts Association, Spinzilla challenges hundreds of spinners to compete in teams for prizes and recognition. All funds raised by our entry fees go to education, so I get to feel good there, and there are some awesome sponsors helping to make this happen. It’s become an important event in the world of fiber arts and I’m glad to be part of a team.

My team captains are Lisa Ramsey and Lisa Hanesworth, owners of The Angora Girls Fiber Arts shop in Winona, Minnesota. I caught them off-guard with my phone on Monday when I was out there picking up fiber for next week. They have an adorable shop with space for dyeing, group spinning, and lots of touchable fibers. Just outside the door, a dye garden is being created and steps away is a backwater stretch of the Mississippi. Check out the website for shop hours and special events they will be attending.shop2

I bought several braids, thinking that having lovely fiber will help motivate me to spin more. It should be enough that I can then make something pretty with it. AND I’m also going to spin up all the bits and batts of fiber I have stashed around and get everything tidied into yarn and string. Useful formatting.

IMG_0743_0021                                                     IMG_0748_0071                                                                      IMG_0744_0031

Oh! Back to Spinzilla…. ‘The Lisas’ have arranged several fun events next week and I’m free to take part in what I want or can. I know I’ll be at the Tuesday fiber retreat and at the Spinzilla Vs Godzilla final timing count-down on Saturday. I wish I could be at some of the public demos but I’d probably do better to stay in Oronoco and spin here, right? I am looking forward to meeting my teammates via the web, sure, but I also enjoy meeting people in person. They are planning to do some fun demo spinning around the area, as you can see in the link above. Maybe I’ll just have to host some local spinning opportunities here, maybe?

I’m taking part in this for several reasons

Firstly, I think it’s going to be lots of fun, challenging, and a positive time. I love being part of a fiber-based activity like this one. Additionally, I need something that I love doing and with the winter coming up, I think I’ll have less opportunity to get out in the garden. Yeah…Not much into cultivating snowdrops and iceberg lettuce here. Just not that kinda gal, I guess!

Spinning and dyeing gives me activities that are often done alone, something I’m craving lately, but that can be loads of fun with other people as well. Like when I went to the Zombie Knitpocalypse earlier in the year; I wasn’t able to get to all three days but I certainly enjoyed what I attended. And crazy! It’s inspired me to start knitting. All the lovely projects I’ve seen over the years, and suddenly I want to get better at this skill. Good thing! The goal for Spinzilla is 5000 yards. Wowsers.

I’m also working on a new website

I love hanging out with fiber-people. The spinners, the sheep-angora-alpaca farmers, the knitters and crocheters, and the weavers. The dyers. So in between everything else, I’m working on a new website whose purpose is to help all these people find their customers. Well. Reverse that, to help their customers find them. I’m good at social media marketing, and I’ve decided to use my skills at something I love.

Back to the homework for me. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you online!





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