Today I made a bended thing

Ricky at forge


I got the forge, my forge, up and running today at Squash Blossom Farm’s Cow Puja event. Richard Burnett taught me how to start the fire, how to manage the heat, how to set up your tools so they were handy. In the picture above, he is working on a piece he heated in his own forge, behind him there, with a young helper manning the air. I worked at keeping a fire hot, learning how to manage my tools and how to drive from the shoulder; I’m not pounding a nail, after all.

I had a great time. I got a rod cut in half, more or less, and then learned to make the round into square, and then into flat, and then I bended it. About that time I had to run to the shop for my shift and then there was the blessing ceremony and then I was pretty much done with it; I restarted the fire for the experience but mostly I was done pounding for today. Too many people to talk to, you know?

Here is LaFonda, the gentle milking cow from the farm. There are two others on the farm but none quite as pretty as herself.


Time for a shower and another glass of wine! Van went to pick up chicken, too, so a good evening ahead.



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