Beautiful day to check out glaves..and other pointy things


Headache most of the day as the weather fronts have ground against each other. Or I have a bug. I took a five hour nap and could do it again although I guess that would be called ‘going to bed for the night.’


However, before the nap Van and I went over to the Castlerock Arms and Armor Museum in Alma, WI. Amazing collection of authentic edged weaponry for an artists’ town along the Mississippi River. I really enjoyed visiting with the docents as well. We also visited The Weaving Studio, Tansy’s on Main, and the Danzinger Vineyard….and no, the last is NOT why my head hurts. I had that heading over, lol…we did bring some home, though, to share with friends.


The people working at the Armor Museum suggested that if anyone wanted to geek over old weaponry with the curator, to get in touch the the museum’s director to arrange that. I guess the curator, like a lot of us, is always up for a good conversation about sharp pointy things. I don’t know him and have no idea if it would be a good time or not, but the potential is there.




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