Chipmunk, Part Two

Taking a pause in the day to continue that chipmunk story. See, even though it’s outside, technically, and two rooms away, I could swear that I could smell that dead chipmunk in the basement today. I was letting it desiccate a bit before I pulled it out of there, since the window well is about 5 feet deep and I didn’t trust it to all come up with the hoe blade used as a scoop. Or maybe I was just avoiding the whole think, right?

So after moving clothes into the dryer, I went outside and pulled the cover off of the window well. Surprise! A live chipmunk freaking out and no sign of anything dead down there.

I lowered the hoe so he had a ramp to get out, then I stirred the grasses down there to be sure the other one was still there…yep, still there, I’d not let a zombie chipmunk loose. The dead one had been covered up by the live one, who was probably not happy to share the small inescapable prison with a corpse. I was glad to let it go, and glad to get the dead one out of there, and thinking I should either figure out how to block the holes or check each day for a new prisoner.

In the rest of my world – Sam is tuckered out from having helped me make lots of beds and pallets up today. She’s a good helper! It’s raining here and cool in the mornings. Probably not too many more cucumbers to have to deal with from the garden, really. I got to get back to homework now, but wanted to be sure you’d heard that part of the story.

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