A Chippie’s Life

Sam does not know how to hunt, which is totally fine with me. Boo, however, must have thought this a horrid lack of skills and so brought her a live chipmunk. Into the house. Right next to me…I wasn’t having any of that! It was a soft catch on Boo’s part, no blood or broken bits. Chippie must have practically ran into his mouth, btw, with the arthritis and bad hips Boo is dealing with these days. Chippie just as calmly rode out of the house in my hands – I thought about scooping him up in Van’s shoe what was sitting right there but I’m better at scooping up things with my hands. No frantic heartbeat or struggling, but once I set him down and he realized he wasn’t getting any deader, he took off.

Chippie is running free outside and the two lazy cats are circling the last known location of the small rodent. Plus Boo is pouting at me A LOT. I think he’s been trying to get Sam out for a hunting lesson all day; they did spend a lot of time exploring around the edges of the house while I was working in the garden, and then also prowled through the garden with me. Then Sam started chasing squirrels and I made her stay closer to the house…I guess that’s why Boo had to bring a chipmunk to her, huh?

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