Today is going to be….All Things

Initially, I was going to come here online and moan about not sleeping well and how my headache is still with me and how those two things and stress is going to just make the whole day suck, but I realized that’s wrong.

Oh, I’m sure it will contain the need to manage those two things and stress! Plus other issues that crop up during the day. Like negativity. Lack of compassion. Small baby steps towards a stronger community when I want people to take huge freaking giant steps. That’s a post for another day, though, just saying my day is going to contain them.

PLUS – fun people in my yard! Barbara Payne is setting up her first Gold Rush booth here. I’m having a great little sale on my own…well, if I ever get the things priced. Tomorrow, Shannon and Rachel are pulling an RV to the back, and I know Liz is coming to sell beads – and show the bead making off. Ricky and Brenda will be here too! And who knows who else is going to be able to make it? Not me…I’ve been a bit busy and I’m totally disorganized and that’s OK, it’s all getting done.

Oh thank god for coffee. It’s starting to percolate my brain awake.

I still have a business to run during all of this. Clients to help, my own website to restore, calls to make. I’m making a list…actually, no, I’ll tell you. I am using a new product. GTDNext incorporates Getting Things Done processes and as long as I do my part of interacting with the application, things go pretty well. Nothing falls through the cracks unknowingly, except for the bread and cider.

There were five things on my list last night, and two of those were bread and hard cider. I failed at getting both of those and realized it in the parking lot as I was leaving. Too tired to go back in and I can get bread locally. I’ll drink wine.

Van is manning the home place this morning while I’m out flagging. I’m not actually going to be doing a lot of set up this morning; that’s more for this afternoon, right? When the city vendors get to come in and start set up? Time to get to it! I got over 9,000 steps yesterday and I’m sure I’ll get more than that today.

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