Facebook Gratitude Challenge: Day Three

I am on Day 3 of a 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge, listing three things I’m grateful for each day for a week. I am supposed to be posting them on FB but this feeds into FB so I’ll collect them here where I can come back and review them more easily. I will not be inviting 2 more FB friends each day to join in the challenge, although you can if you want.

Today I am grateful for: Van Charles, my husband. Who isn’t perfect, but then neither am I. Who is just about my perfect other half. It’s been a great 32+ years, my dear!

For the Rocky Mountain Three Gun Competition, where he had a great time doing his thing with the gun enthusiasts.

And for all the other drivers on the road, and the deer, and the raccoons, who did not cause him to wreck on the way home. He’s been gone for at least two weeks, although it seems much longer. I’m grateful for the road crews who kept the roads in shape, too!

I’m very glad he’s home!

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