FaceBook Gratitude Challenge: Day Two

I am on Day Two of a 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge, listing three things I’m grateful for each day for a week. I am supposed to be posting them on FB but this feeds into FB so I’ll collect them here where I can come back and review them more easily. I will not be inviting 2 more FB friends each day to join in the challenge, although you can if you want.

Today I am grateful for: Computers. And the Internet. And the other tools that may help me rebuild a professional life.

My garden, which provides food and enjoyment. Today was about weeding and harvesting and the pleasure of using my hands to create order. It’s also creating far too many cucumbers but that’s life – abundance!

My silly Boo-Bear of a cat, who just looks at me like I’m a bit crazy when I tell him he can’t go out, or he has to stop jumping on my lap, or that I’m not going to put bird videos on the computer for him. He loves me unconditionally. Holds me down at night, laying on my legs. And reminds me to live in the moment…mostly by doing so himself, sure, but that’s kinda what cats do!




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