FaceBook Gratitude Challenge: Day One

I am on Day One of a 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge, listing three things I’m grateful for each day for a week. I am supposed to be posting them on FB but this feeds into FB so I’ll collect them here where I can come back and review them more easily. I will not be inviting 2 more FB friends each day to join in the challenge, although you can if you want.

Today I am grateful for: Being Tired After Doing GISHWHES. I was on a great team with great coordination and cooperation. We did some really cool performance art plus charitable acts that we feel good about. And I’m also glad that I am physically able to stick to the week-long challenge and not freak out over all the stress and deadlines.

Having a future. As crazy as the last nine months have been, I’ve survived and maybe have gotten stronger for it. There are interesting opportunities ahead. I don’t think I’m tempting fate too much by saying that, right?

Tomatoes. The cherry tomato out there in the garden is producing some of the bestest little tomatoes and I’m just eating them up. I love summer for the food!


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