Doing All The Stuff!

Just a quick post to get me back on the posting train! It’s not an announcement, it’s not a promise, it’s an action. A lot of people think that an important first step in any journey is the first step, and so here is mine.

I am also on a journey to get into shape by sweating.

Exercising. I’ve counted calories for the last three days and have gained weight – I know! Weird! And this is not an announcement of that activity, either, but a sharing of an update. I’ve had some sort of workout the last three days – one of those was up and down and around the woods, looking for acorn caps. Wow, that was fun. And the deep woods were beautiful. The canopy was dark enough to have discouraged shrubs and small trees and fruits from growing so it was easy walking and peaceful.

I am organizing for a garage sale

With Gold Rush coming up, I might as well make some money on my unused weaving tools, things I no longer use and might never do so. I can buy them again when I have more time.

I am participating in GISHWHES

This is a lot of fun and zaniness. I need to go find the ingredients for Pasta with Jam Sauce now, or I’d write more. Later!

One thought on “Doing All The Stuff!

  1. I’ve never been able to stick with counting calories, but for a year I wrote down every time I had a snack. That showed me how much extra stuff I was really eating. So I snack less and try to walk at least a mile every day, and that’s been helping me a lot!


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