Can You Help Me On My Quest?


The journey to master the Twin Mines of InDesign and PhotoShop continue. I am guided through this journey by a mystic named Instructor and have magic spells such as ‘creative cloud’ and ‘textbook’ and ‘Lynda.’ Each week I have mastered new levels of these dungeons and tomorrow I reach the midpoint, if the map proves true.

I am pleased. Although these two campaigns soon will draw to a close, I look forward to even more intense explorations of other dungeons this Fall.

These labors, and my internship within the castle Valley Craft Industries, has left me with little time to continue my above-ground adventures in the lands of Web Design and Social Media Consulting. I have decided to turn to you, Dear Reader, for assistance.

Do you have a website that needs updating? Or have you considered setting off on your own journey and need a website? Or maybe you have a friend, a family member, or know of a business in search of a Web Master?

I am an experienced web designer who has returned to university to gain the Proper Spells of Mastery (otherwise known as a degree). Working on websites and consulting on SEO will allow me to continue to attend classes as, after all, I can do web-work at any time, day or night, and so balance my various and splendid tasks as I see fit, not as a time clock would expect.

Please share forward as you will! Thank you!


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