Zombie Knitpocolypse Report #zk2014

So here I am with a zombie knitpocolypse event going on in my locale and I have a Golden Ticket of Admittance, and I woke up with a migraine.

Sadness. There are classes and tours and shrieks of greetings and circles of people getting caught up. Meeting new people. Lots of good energy going on and I wasn’t able to be part of it today.

How can I ever learn to knit those zombies their own sweaters unless I first master CASTING ON? There are children who can cast on and I can’t even figure out if I’m spelling that right…is it caste? Or cast? If CASTE, I’m probably one of the lower, more useful castes cause after all I do turn fiber into yarn and yarn is one of the necessary ingredients for the proper zombie sweater or shawl or cowl-thingie.

QUICK ASIDE: YOU COULD KNIT A COWL-THINGIE AND THEN TOSS IT ON A ZOMBIE WITHOUT GETTING BITTEN. I think part of the attraction to being a zombie knitter is to actually not be a zombie, right? Losing body parts into the work on the needles would be detrimental to your project so don’t do that. But I just can’t imagine getting a sweater, or a pair of socks, onto a zombie WITHOUT getting bitten. I’m sure they are grateful but there is the virus’s need to spread and the host’s need to bite.



Anyway, I prepare wool for spinning but not so much with the knitting. Fortunately, I was able to attend yesterday where I learned that the Zombie Knitpocalypse isn’t so much of preparing for zombies to attack as being a person that could continue your craft IF the zombies come a’knocking. Knitting is a survivalist skill as well as being a social venue for over 150 people to gather in Rochester from all over the world. It’s a tight-knit community whose primary online home is Ravelry and whose window to the world is via podcasts. Besides the sponsors of the Zombie Knitpocolypse, there were at least 15 people who either on their own or as part of a team produce a regular podcast. Below you can see some of them and do you see what they are doing? Besides answering our questions? They have needles and yarn going in a rhythm that will produce something beautiful and useful. Clickity-clickity.





Actually, my bad. Even with over one-hundred people in the main gathering space knitting away, you don’t hear those needles. People are so busy talking, catching up, sharing and teaching – I never did hear any of the needles! Now spinning wheels, yes, when I was in a circle of wheels making yarn, I could hear that sound. But never the needles.

Here at 3 pm, I don’t think I will go into Rochester for the rest of the event. I woke up with an eye migraine that progressed onto something even hurtier and am just now feeling a bit normal. I think I will take a couple of cats out for their afternoon adventures (one is still a queen and young enough to think she can take on full-grown squirrels, so we watch her) and maybe weed a bit. Or maybe just try that casting on again. I have YouTube, I will Conquer.

Although it is not nearly as satisfying as being with real, live people. Tomorrow! We have one last day and I will be there!




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