Well, I guess I’m going to learn to knit this weekend…

I stopped in at the Zombie Knitpocalypse to see if there would be room to spin, and there is loads of room. Even room to comb if I’m careful! And of course before I got out of there, I’d convinced myself that one of these lovely people offering to teach me could manage to do so! That’s where I will be for the next three days. It’s a retreat so we are retreating to our fibery crafts and only coming out to shop and party on Thursdays on First.

There was a woman who does not have a FaceBook account but who spends her spare time on Ravelry. What can you do on Ravelry that would keep you away from FB happiness? Maybe there is something to this knitting…

Before I went to the Kahler, though, I stopped at a farm and saw a small herd of Romney sheep, drove around the farm on a golf cart and talked to Dan Heublein about Rochester Local Food. We are brainstorming how to develop a partnership where my company can help with marketing and more for his company. The meat boxes sound awesome. How useful would it be to have locally-sourced chicken, pork, beef and duck delivered to to your door? How about the best bacon ever, nitrate-free and yummy? That’s what Dan says he can provide for you from Pork and Plant.

And before I did all of this – I worked at Valley Craft Industries all day! Although what I’m doing right now mostly seems like play. I love this marketing world I’m checking out via my internship.

I’ll post a longer, more informative post about the partnership with Rochester Local Food on HomeGrown Technologies’ webpage, when I get it written. Right now I gotta hunt up knitting needles for the pattern I’ve selected for my first project!

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