Do you Hack ? Stab? And Make your enemy bow before you? In totally a developer/coder way, of course.

SCA people? Meet BattleHack.

What a tag line: “become the ultimate hacker for good.” Are you up to the challenge? I’m considering giving up a weekend playtime with zombie-knitters for the opportunity to sit beside and learn from the Minnesota-equivalent. But we don’t have battle hotties (of both sexes) in our promo material.  Chicago Rocks.

OK, I’m going to go do homework and think about where I want to spend my energy. I’m learning all about PhotoShop as fast as a I can.

Zombie-knitters, totally awesome fun…when I signed up, I didn’t have any idea about the local hack-a-thon. I would love to do this knitting conference for the sheer fun of it and for honoring the fiber enthusiast within myself. I’ll have no regrets giving myself to this weekend as I’ve found out, no refunds, no transfers, no second-guessing of what you may need to spend your time on within a month of the conference. With losing my job and needing to reinvent myself, I think a weekend of immersion into fibery-crafts is a welcome escape from real life.

But YOU!!  Especially those of you in either the Cities or Chicago. Interested? Heh. Either way, throwing you the opportunity. Do with it as you will.



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