Angora Girls and Barns of Yarn

Just a quick update about my fabulous weekend. On Saturday, I went to Shepherd’s Harvest with Ricky and Brenda Burnett. I’m using their full names as they are working on the necessary steps to becoming a farming business, which automatically moves them into the ‘keep an eye on these kids!’ category. As soon as they have a business name, website, FaceBook or whatever, we will be talking about them here on this little website of mine. I like promoting my friends’ efforts, even if they aren’t my friends yet.

Which brings me to these two lovely ladies.


The Angora Girls – Lisa and Lisa

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a exhibitor’s show of any sort before, but basically these types of events have classes and demos and food and then several barns with rows of exhibitors. As this is an event celebrating shepherds, there is sooo much fibery-goodness that your mind boggles. Bags of wool and skeins of yarn. I was after tools, such as viking combs, and my eyes were searching out what I was looking for and mostly just taking in all the colors and textures as background.

Then I saw this awesome scarf that just had a trim of another fiber…and a kit to spin my own trim that could go directly into a necklace or which could be used to accent a more mundane yarn. Each kit had a unique, artistic pendant. I had to go see them up close, and that’s how I met the Angora Girls.

This booth contained Lisa Hanesworth and Lisa Ramsey, two of the Angora Girls. Lisa-on-the-left is wearing a scarf trimmed in angora. See how it nicely accents the yarn chosen for the scarf, and how the angora just pops out as a soft accent? You can buy one of the Bunny Hug kits for the necklace/bracelets with charm, and then use the yarn you spin in this manner.

Bunny Hugs
Don’t you just want to have a Bunny Hug?

According to their website, they and a number of angora rabbit-ladies started Angora Girls Fiber Arts. They now own alpaca, and even boy-rabbits as I saw pictures on their website of babies. Lucky rabbit-ladies, huh?

The Winona store front opens on May 30th, a few short weeks away, and the owners have been holding a number of pre-opening events at Yarnology, another fiber store in Winona. I’ve been to Yarnology – it has very lovely yarns and a welcoming in-store handwork area in which groups of people gather.

Although the physical store is not open, the Angora Girls have been busy. Check out their website for information about these events and to consider taking something fun from their upcoming class schedule.

There were so many wonderful people there…Ricky was talking to rabbit-raising people, and Brenda was shopping for project yarns. There was lots of petting of wool, too. I had the best time checking out hand-dyed colors! We found Spindle, Shuttle and Needle, a company who has also sold at SCA events and who does historical garb. And another company that really made me want to buy their wares was Heartfelt Silks. they were demoing a Palm Washboard tool that’s like having sixteen or twenty knuckles to wet-felt your heart away, never getting tired or sore from all the necessary rubbing.

Saturday was a great day. I love this event – maybe you would enjoy joining us next year? Who knows who you may meet?

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