Travelling Art Parties, how much fun is that?!?

I met this vibrant woman last night at the Chamber Networking Night…I think her name was Elise, although I did not get it written down before it leaked. We had the best time talking – I love what she is doing. Her company – The Urban Easel – is opening up soon in Rochester. She and her business partner took over the old Paws and Claws building and are completely revamping it on the inside. They have loads of room inside for the art studio and a lounge where people can come and hang out when their paintings are done, or if they are waiting for someone who is taking a class.

What I found heartening was Elise’s additional plans. I won’t go into details as they are her plans, and she’s not started them yet. Let’s just say that The Urban Easel is planning to be of benefit to the community and hopes to be more than just a really fun art studio. Looking at their FaceBook page and seeing the pictures of the Travelling Parties made me itch to get creative!


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