Silhouette Man Wonders….

First, go read this poster about America and Education Spending. 


I think I spend more time thinking about the next episode of *random show* or when the next movie in the *random series/universe* series is being released, then in what our politicians are up to and why they are doing what they are doing. I really cannot control any of what the studios are doing with their shows & movies…so I really do give it very little of my time. Nevertheless, I’m more apt to click on a link pertaining to a movie than anything political.

And that is what is wrong with this American. And I’ve known this for years and not made a conscious change because it’s going to be hard. I really think I need to listen to all sides less I make the mistake of a sheep and follow blindly behind a leader sheep who is being lead to slaughter or over a cliff. “Fair and Balanced” could be a strong operating system if I was making sure of that myself…even if that’s the tag-line of a really slanted entertainment-news station.

Many people don’t worry about being a sheeple but attach their attention to a particular informational source and take in what they are fed. FaceBook and Google remembers what I’ve clicked on and rearranges what I see to better feed me the information I seem to want; I can retrain FaceBook, I suppose.

Anyway, this cartoon got me thinking about my clicking choices on FB and Twitter. Now I should get back to the real work of my day, poking at coding in a website.

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