Sneaky Mouse is Sneaky

I have three cats and one free-range mouse. I knew Sam-Cat was hunting in the kitchen these last few days, but didn’t see proof why until yesterday. Frankly, kittens get odd notions and even at 8 months, she might just be hunting the toy mouse she shoved under the fridge. But yesterday I found mouse turds in the plastics, and today in the kitchen towels.

The island is piled up with the great unwashed and as I get it washed, I’m moving things to the dining room table. Yes, it looks like we are prepping for a garage sale but until that thing is gone, I’m not storing clean dishes only to have them reinfected with mice feet. Bleh.

Sure there are worse things, but this is what is in my control to do. And it gives the cats room to get into the cabinets, right?

I hate glue traps because of the painful, lingering death of the mouse and the difficulty of getting cat fur detached from the sticky things. I believe that having started the hunt, Sam will not stop and she does open drawers and doors and yes, I suppose I also need to put child safety locks on the cabinets because bleh, cat feet on my dishes.

Well. 7 am appointment so I’d better get moving.

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