Tonight I Joined an Honor Harrington Fan Club

Several friends are starting a ship, which is what the local fan club unit is called. I’ve read some of the books and Van gets to play as a marine. All good things, so I agreed to join up. For people who do not know, Honor Harrington is the hero-character in a series by David Weber. We first meet her when she takes command of her first ship in On Basilisk Station and she just continues on with all sorts of adventures and mishaps to straighten out. Several spin-off series have been written.

I start off as a lowly spacer and will raise in rank by taking open-book tests, some about the books and some about science or military and such topics. I can get points for playing that tank game or by playing paintball. We help out at charitable events, do things at conventions, whatever we want. But the real reason we exist is to be friendly and do fun things. It’s not just to share a love of Harrington’s life and world while hanging out together or playing board games, it’s also to make the world a better place, especially for science fiction fans. If you are interested, comment below and I’ll get back to you.

That wasn’t all that happened today. It was really a packed day – I had five meetings all over town. So I’m really ready to get to bed here but I didn’t want to not share news about the fan club.

I guess this wasn’t the only fan club I joined today, either. My company, HomeGrown Technologies, joined the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce today. The monthly fee is reasonable and there are several free networking opportunities a month, (fun for me), plus their online presence will help promote the business. I’ll put more on the business page, later, when I’m not quite so tired.

Tomorrow is another fun-packed day! Workshop all morning, then a meeting in the afternoon and I’ve got two more resume packets to get out asap. But I didn’t want to go to bed without telling you about this Honor Harrington fan club. Interested? Comment below, please.

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