Sugar, sugar, sugar…

I have not gone cold turkey off carbs. And I guess from the way I’m feeling right now, if I had, I would be in real pain. The withdrawal headache hit about 11:30 and has not let up, even though I have had plenty of other calories. Meatballs in marinara sauce plus a huge salad for dinner, as an example. Just no GF bread or pasta. So my brain is really complaining.

Too bad.

I’ve really enjoyed getting outside these last two days, adding more physical activity into my day naturally. I’m not very good at spending time lifting weights or running (although I’d like to change that aspect of myself) but I do enjoy pushing myself in outdoor activities. Recently, I found Ernestine Shepherd, who didn’t start weight training until she was 56, and have been greatly inspired by her.

I usually need three days to get through the headaches. Tomorrow is another day – Day 2.

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