Mind Expanding!

I had a lot of places to go today. Primary on the list was to go to the Healthy Soils, Healthy Waters, Healthy Communities (H3) Festival in Mazeppa to learn what was going on and how I might be able to get involved. I learned so much that I have to do another post on this topic later. In short, though, I accomplished what I wanted.

There were two sales I wanted to get to today. The Unitarian Universalist sale had lots of good things, just nothing for me. The sale at the Rochester Senior Center, though…oh, man. Yarn. I got enough of blue and white to warp the double rigid heddle loom with a project, with a healthy selection of other colors. A whole box of the stuff, one of those sizes of boxes that you’d normally see filled with Christmas ornaments in the attic. I bought sets of double-pointed needles. A set of curtains for the bathroom. Not certain what else is in that box. Soon.

I stopped by the public library and the People’s Food Coop in Rochester, and into Wild Ginger in Zumbrota. Lots of fun.

And now it’s time to take the cats out for a run! Laters!




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