Oh, this is going to be fun!



I think it was during the summer we moved into Oronoco that Van stopped at a garage sale and bought a GT Outpost all terrain bike, with a flat tire. I fixed that flat today and pedaled it around the block. I was thrilled to still remember how, and a little taken back about how fast I seemed to be going. In first gear. I suppose I’ll get used to it again.

Happily the brakes worked and I didn’t fall down since I don’t have a helmet yet. Well, I do…but they are the wrong sort. Middle-aged over-weight women shouldn’t be wearing a steel fighting helmet around town, it makes people worry. And someone will bring it up at the next town meeting I attend.

Once around the block was enough. I’ll slowly build it back up, and learn how to shift gears again while riding, put a water bottle in the holder. Get some good exercise and explore this world – oh, and give Van back the $5 he spent for it.

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