Time to do exciting things

It was a pretty cool day today. I woke up thinking I’d nothing but a stretch of job-board hunting in front of me until this evening’s WordPress Meetup. But there was a picture on FaceBook of an eight harness table loom that was at Savers this morning; I resisted. Sat on my hands, pretended I didn’t see it…then I got a call from someone else who wanted to be sure I knew about it. Well! So I showed Van the picture and said something about how the Fates were making fun of me, and he didn’t help either but told me to go get it. Yeah! That’s three times that the Lady had pointed me at acquiring this new tool.

Someone had their hands on it when I got there.

I complimented him on getting to it first, because after all he had and he won, right? Turns out he didn’t want it and hadn’t woven since college but he had enjoyed it there. We had a nice little gab about weaving and other fiber arts, with me ever-so-casually laying a hand on the loom. Well. Since he didn’t want it, right?

With that fun over, I spent a few minutes trying out everything, moving bits around and checking that the beater was in good shape and the like. And brought it home.


I still haven’t been over to the job-boards today. I realized today was the Zumbro River Fiber Arts Guild meeting and I barely had time to get home and out of my workout gear, showered and to meeting. I’m glad I went – the presentation was on hand spindles, and I got to see and touch someone’s brioche knitting so there’s another obsession to be pursued in the future.

Nancy Ellison stopped over to assure me that all the pieces were there for my new loom, and to see Samantha again. Sam was born on her farm. She said to me that one of the blessings of this sort of stint in my life is that I have the freedom and time to do exciting things and to be sure I do that. She’s a wise woman. None of us know how long we will be here. I don’t know if I’m going to like 8 harness weaving, and I’m fairly certain I won’t like warping it. But I can make the best of things; I’m in charge of my own happiness.




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