Looking for gatekeepers to informational interviews

OK, I have a very specific need and while some of the responses need to be from hiring managers in the Rochester, MN area, I will happily talk to people in other areas. I’m applying for educational assistance through the Displaced Workers program. One of the steps is to talk to hiring managers and supervisors who take part in the hiring function, to find out about the career field and how they view people who come in with professional development certifications from the University of Minnesota. I have to justify taking a program by proving I can find a job within a field. I’m looking at Marketing, Communications and Train-the-Trainer programs.

So this is how you can help me. If you know someone or if you are someone who hires within these three fields, drop me a line! Email is jonya (at)  jonya.com and share with me how those certifications are viewed when you are evaluating candidates for open positions.  Right now I have a bachelor’s in Library Science and Information Technology and work experience since 1997 in various library-related roles. I agree with my counselor that the return on investment on a master’s degree is probably not going to pay off due to my age, so don’t suggest that. But it makes no sense to get a certification if no one will hire me afterwards, and hey, I don’t want that either. This has been frustrating enough without doing that to myself! I’ll do my homework now, with your help.

I’m leaving IT because it’s over-crowded right now and my experience counts for little against people with degrees, languages, certifications and the like. Well. If I’m offered the right job, sure! I would rather spend the rest of my working life doing something new,  thus this post. Thank you for your help, if you can, and your encouragement always.

This reinventing myself project has been very interesting and I look forward to continuing the journey. You enjoy your journey, too, OK?


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