I love good paper and am tempted

Baron Fig has a notebook available that is really nice. Good size, good paper – if the fountain pen people like it, it’s probably also good for me. I’m a paper junky and love journals. But as they point out in the article, I find it difficult to write in a book that does not lay flat. And I know enough about the construction of books to know that yes, more signatures and no rigid spine piece would allow the book to stay open on the table.

However, right now I’ll stick with my Myndology products. I like being able to remove a sheet or three and move them to a new notebook. The paper has a nice bite for pencil or for the pens I use. They have neat artwork on the inside of the covers, which I could make the outside fairly easily because of the way this system is engineered.

I’d like to touch one of these, though. My personal journaling has moved from here on this website onto paper and I am working on one of those normal books with a spine. It sometimes fights me. And when I get this one filled, I got a couple others lined up….I could donate them, maybe. As wasteful as that is, I may do that.

Anyway, I thought this was a neat book so I’m sharing it.

2 thoughts on “I love good paper and am tempted

  1. I’ve been thinking about starting an art journal myself. I need a paper that could be used for fountain pens, watercolor, and/or markers. What would you recommend?



  2. Go to an art store and fondle paper! 😉 Seriously, it’s the only way. I suppose you will want something smooth for the markers but with a bit of a bite, right?

    I wish I could draw. But even my stick figures are disappointing.


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