So tired of hearing the water running!

The frost line is down below 6.5 feet, down where our incoming water pipes live in this area. People have had their pipes freeze. In Oronoco, the city is installing tanks in some basements of non-potable water, just so they can bathe and flush and do laundry. I don’t know if people have to pay for that themselves or not. So far, Van and I have running water and are doing our best to keep it that way; thus the complaint. We are running water through these pipes all the time, just a pencil-thin stream THAT I CAN HEAR FROM EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE.

No matter which one is running. Or if two are running and both down to very fine streams, I can hear them both. Almost makes me want to have the television on all the time!

But I am not watching shows nor whiling away my time spinning wool into yarn or felting wool into cat toys. I’m not reading or cleaning or working out to turn my body into that of a middle-aged, dumpy goddess. I’m diligently plugging away at the resume-and-cover-letter game, checking job boards and going to Work Force Center networking events. Talking to people. Constantly checking my phone, hoping I’ve missed an important call. All the magical formulae that is supposed to help me regain useful employment, right?

But tomorrow, I’m going to an early meeting then spending the rest of the day sewing. I’m taking the day off. And I may just take the evening off, too, and go drink wine with a friend.

Things run. This water is running, the days are running, emailed resumes are running too. I know everything is just part of one process or another, though, and I can deal with it all just fine.

Today I slept in yet again, then got up to start the morning routine of job searching, run to an appointment at the Work Force Center and then to the library to pick up a book about reinventing yourself after age 50. It was nice seeing a friend there! I kidnapped her, made her let me drive her home. Then I got an application out, after reworking my resume again. Van and I had dinner, cleaned up, I did some paperwork and now an early bedtime. Tomorrow, I get up early and set myself back into a normal person’s routine. Kinda thinking that is one more type of magic, maybe?

Never under-estimate magic, people!

Or magic people!

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