New Adventures

I’ve rebooted this website, cleaned up all the old content and am using a new theme. This is Belle, one of the TeslaTheme products. It’s a straight-forward theme without as many options as some of the others they offer. I love some of the really neat options I have with these themes and am using them elsewhere – maybe here, later.

Why the reboot? I’ve had a sorta depressing four months here and I’m now unemployed. I was working through a contract at a local business, via a staffing agency, and the business did not elect to hire me. So now I’m looking for work. I’m also using this as a chance to reinvent myself, to get back in touch with my values and skills. Lots of journal writing, lots of thinking.

When I go through the job lists out there, I’m looking for something that aligns with what makes me happy. I was in a Work Force Center class this last week and the instructor reminded us that we will possibly work for 88,000 hours in our lifetimes, so why do something that makes us unhappy? This is my chance to make sure my future self has the best possible chance of being happy in the workplace.

As I go through my house, I’m making a list of things I need to clean up around here. Someday soon, I gotta face my closet! Wow! I have completed some of it: a couple of other closets are moved around, I’ve rearranged my workroom and cleaned out really old canned goods. Having all this unused and unneeded and in some cases, inedible stuff around me has been weighing me down and it’s good to get it gone. So this is one more place in my life that is being tidied up. I’ve moved the old blog posts to storage, and will probably recycle some of them here.

It’s important to me that I move forward into my future adventures with a playful attitude, a strong, happy, can-do attitude.  And that these new adventures get a new website.

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