Avoiding All The Things!

I’m in a class that has crammed a whole semester into 8 weeks, so I’m mostly doing that these days. It’s an Instructional Design class, one of four that leads to a certification. And then maybe on to a full masters; I’ve not decided yet.

But at the moment, I’m avoiding doing the week’s reading.

So…what have you been up to? Anything fun? Tell me all about it.     …anything to get out of cracking that book.

I want to embrace the journey, I really do. I want to do work that really matters. I want to live life with intention. And be all that I can be. Just not sure how to answer my wake-up call to life; it’s not doing any good to keep hitting the doze alarm, that’s for sure! So I’ve been doodling ideas on what to do with the websites and how to relaunch the enthusiasm for being a web consultant. I’m working on class outlines for this summer! And mostly…just avoiding things.

My last checkup was about three weeks ago, and the doctor put me on new meds that are actually meds I’ve been on before. Today is the first day I think I can tell there may be a light at the end of this tunnel; they aren’t supposed to fix what is ailing me but to give me room to deal with stuff. Breathing room. Yeah, I can breathe. But now, really truly, I need to go read my text book!


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