pulling things apart only to put them back together

I’m not going to let January 1 pass without posting at least some sort of post here on my vanity blog. While I’ve not been posting much, I’ve been enduring guilt for not doing so and not because of any imagined or real readership but because of the good that pounding out words onto a screen does me. I like sharing my life here.

With a new 8-5 job, new people to get to know, new rules, new culture – know that knife-blade feeling of uncertainty? I was and still am a bit afraid of saying too much about anything. Over sharing isn’t what any of us needs to recover from and I’m at least smart enough to avoid temptation. So that was part of it, I suppose.

Anyway, today marks the beginning of a reboot. School starts up in a week. I’m pulling Homegrown Technologies apart into at least two ‘doing business as’ aspects, one being Homegrown Web Consulting (or maybe Solutions…haven’t decided yet.) I’m not getting any younger! And probably not any wiser…certainly won’t if I’m sitting on my hands, though!

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