We…maybe I….lump things together that do not belong together. A struggle against something may be just that, though, not fueled by a maybe-connection to another struggle.

It may be that one struggle, one news-worthy fight, has no connection to another. And may only history will report this correctly, if not rewritten by the victors. Who is not a victim of that rewriting in her personal history? to trust in the historians that record a people’s actions?

The struggles of Islamists in Pakistan, of jihadis in Somalia, of Algerian youth in France and of the Uyghur in China may all be branded as expressions of ‘Islamic violence’. But each is its own struggle, each has its own causes, each is energised by its own dynamic. To parcel up all these confrontations under a single label, and to view them all as manifestations of a single war, merely because many of the protagonists call themselves ‘Islamic’, is to view the world in almost as black and white terms as do those at the heart of these conflicts.


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