Combining Nook and Kindle lists – Is there an app for this? Maybe a widget?

I want something that will look at what ebooks I’ve bought from Amazon and from Barnes & Noble, and combine the two lists into my GoodReads account. So I know if I own a title, and if I do, which iPad app is holding it. I might even use GoodReads more often if it can help me track down titles that I know I own but are not physically on my shelves. Like, I know I bought all the Sharing Knife books by Bujold, but from which of the ereader book sellers? The physical books are not all on my shelves. Oh, and I’d like it to sync up my new purchases so I don’t have to add the titles to GoodReads myself.

I’ve searched and cannot find an add-on to GoodReads that can do this. Nor can I find an app for this function, either. Do you know of one? Or one in development?

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