In support of secular holidays!

There are services that are vital. The police, the hospital staff, the farmers, the volunteer fire fighters who are on stand-by, and many more. I am very grateful that these people accept working their turns on the major holidays. Whatever is happening between them and their co-workers to assure its an equitable exchange of ‘whose turn is it this year,’ that’s none of my business.

Not so with retail shops, including grocery stores. I am choosing to not support any retail shops open on Thanksgiving and will not give them my money for their lost leader sales items plus all the other things I may be tempted to add to my cart. I know there are eye-dazzling deals to be had and that it’s a terribly attractive lure. But I do not think they should be open; we should stand up for our secular holidays and do our part to maintain their historic intent. If a store is going to be closed on Christmas, a religious holiday, then they should also be closed on Thanksgiving, a secular holiday. And the only thing I can do to make a difference is to control my own actions and not hand over my debit card.

Well, and write up a blog post. Not that this is going to do much more than draw a line in the sand where I’m the only one standing on the beach, lol.

However, I may be out early on Friday, before I go to work! and then there is Small Business Saturday – this is a link to Rochester, MN’s downtown list. I’m looking for others, in other communities. Do you know of one? Add it in the comments.



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