Two Weeks Later, Signs of Life on the Blog-Front

I have been disinclined to post anything to any website for the last two weeks. Kinda been brooding over things in my life, things not easily in my control. Or things that are in my control but are not easy, like getting fit and healthy. Building a business. Keeping up with my house and the new kitten and all the pieces, or mostly how I’m not keeping up as well as I think I should be able to.

Earlier in the month, I finished up with an online accountability group’s four week trial run, deciding not to continue with it as it really was just one more thing in a life that has too many things already. I miss the people and the weekly gatherings, even though it became painfully obvious during my time in the group that I’m trying to do too many different things.  Then I started a new job and decided to give myself a month to just get used to a new time schedule and new people and all. That month ended on Friday. And I’m glad to say that I’ve not added anything new – working out and eating better would have been excellent to add though so I’m not really proud. Just glad I’ve not added any new ongoing tasks.

Nor have I captured the good ideas for posts that have come my way. And I’ve had a few…like a thoughtful piece on the starkness of a greenhouse going into late Fall. And my shopping trips for clothes, and trying to stay true to convictions.

So now I am churning out a rather dismal post but at least I’m writing something. And if this evening is as fun as I think it’s going to be, I’ll write another one tomorrow!



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