There can be no kale smoothies!! and the kitten has learned to play fetch…

Tragic thing to have happen tonight of all nights; the blender is broken and I do not have time to drive in and get another blender as I must do all the things I need to do for tomorrow’s public workshop, including baking brownies and lemon bars. Might have been easier to train for a marathon, actually.

and to heighten the cute, Samantha has learned to play fetch. She brings me a mouse and flies up my leg to drop it into my hands, claws digging in all the way up. If I’m standing, she just climbs higher. And if I try to ignore her cuteness, she bounces around on me, again with the claws out. Maybe I’ll be able to get a movie for you later. But I had to lock her out of this room so I could type this.



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