Checking in – Mittens are going slower than anticipated

A year ago, I was working on GISHWHES and now this year I’m working on Endure 4 Kindness. Both are events inspired by Misha Collins, and both are occurring on the same day. My granddaughter’s birthday. She was born last year, and if things had been a bit warmer, she’d have been a bigger part of things. Dressed in cheese and all.

And then I sorta forgot the exact date. I feel badly about that; I was thinking it was on the 4th. I put the wrong date down on my calendar and I am that bad about dates, especially birthdays.

Mittens are not flowing out of my machine quite as quickly as I’d hoped. Any number are cut out though! We had a great time working on that, and on sorting the colors out and matching up fabrics. I’m just a bit distracted now…cute kitty. Crazy story on TV. Bah. I really need to buckle down.

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