Please sponsor me for tomorrow’s event!

Where the running posts will keep on running…I think that because I’m probably going to be getting a bit silly as my Mittens 4 Kindness project runs around the clock, I’ve decided to post the pictures and the like here on this website. I’ll probably do a nice round-up on Sunday for One Million Realities just to pull it all back together there.

Please sponsor me, if you have not already done so. Random Acts continues to do powerful things and your donation helps fund and inspire acts of kindness all around the world, including right here in our area.  Here is the link to my campaign on Crowdrise.

I found cookies at my door when I got home; one of my volunteers is a young girl who is coming to help tomorrow. If her mother permits it, I’ll share her picture here. I still need to bake my goodies, and pack the car with tons of stuff to haul up to the Community Center tomorrow morning.

I’ll be live blogging and once I get home, maybe even Skyping! Won’t that be fun…?? For 24 hours??

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