Chris Lema on the Affordable Care Act’s programming

How are Minnesota citizens doing with the ACA? I have no idea…what I hear about on the news are the states that are having horrible problems and about all the issues at the federal level. I’ve heard nothing about how it’s going here in Minnesota.

but I did read an informative article by Chris Lema, a software architect and WordPress evangelist. I didn’t go looking for it; his website sends me updates cause I want it to do so. He said some things that help me understand where things might have gone belly-up so I’m sharing forward.

Will I investigate further? Only when someone on a news broadcast says something so outrageous I am compelled to do some research. I know that makes me an ill-informed citizen. I don’t feel badly enough about that to change my habits, though. Far too often, things coming at me via television or the internet are blatantly biased and they aren’t even trying any more and I don’t want passively take in anyone’s message unless I’m researching some fact or incident or truth behind a statement. If that makes sense…reading this again, I’m not sure it does.

Chris’ article helped me understand the complexity of the tasks and the teams and scope creep, and maybe it will help you.

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