Planning for Fun: Wooly Invasion Excursions

Question for the internet…is it ‘wooly’ or ‘wooley’? Huh. Wooly doesn’t look right. Well, sure it doesn’t cause I keep staring at it and nothing looks right after a few minutes plus spell check says it’s not right. But ‘wooley’ is only a name according to Google search.

Anyway, although I’ve been rather busy with changing day jobs, I am still taking part in Andrea Scher’s ‘Foolish Project’ class. The people in this class are creative and alive and coming up with some awesome ideas and most of them are taking on more than one as a result of this class. I also have come up with a couple of ideas, one involving fairies and another involving people coming together to take part in wooly crafts and making new friends on the way. Starting in late November, early December, I’m thinking.

More later! Right now I’m getting back to working on a scarf!

One thought on “Planning for Fun: Wooly Invasion Excursions

  1. Woolley is my maiden name and Wooley and Woolsey are variants of the same name… But wooly is the adjective… 🙂

    Hope that helps!


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