Working on my PHD

I was in Hank & Purl’s yesterday to find scarf yarn that complimented my new jacket, and saw a sign about getting on track with your PHD program: Projects Half Done. Wow, that would be me! They are meeting on Sunday afternoons, if you want a pleasant group of people to work on your own PHD. I may, after I get through Mittens 4 Kindness. Or I may start something on my own, here in Oronoco.

PHDs for me are ‘thank you’ mittens to my donors, two weaving projects, the scarf I’ve yet to start, a dress I’ve bought the fabric for, some crochet socks I’m doing to see if I can teach myself to turn a heel. Spinning ALL THE WOOL into yarn- like, I can make the stuff. Why am I buying it? (convenience!)

So today is small projects and the like. Van and I are spending the day together cause tomorrow he’s busy, and I’m in a state. Happy but on alert, so to speak. Next up is a trip to the Dollar Store for poster board for mitten patterns, and a haircut, and some groceries. I’m out of kale and the like.

Hope you are having a great day too!


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