SELCO – Last Day Photojournal

2013-10-18 08.15.14


This is the sight that has greeted me each day as I’ve come to work since we moved to this building in 2000 – I started on 12/13/99 in the old building, which was on a location now covered partially by the 2nd Street on-ramp. I’ve had four desks, two supervisors, one director and many, many wonderful coworkers. Because as it happens, people come and go in any business, just as it is my turn to say goodbye and move away.

2013-10-18 08.18.11


I got here in time to snap a shot of Rachel in her new office. She’s still unpacking her stuff, moving in just yesterday. Change happens. I also was able to get one quick shot of Cheryl, who is leading a team of catalogers and trainers to Triton Elementary School, where they are doing some additional weeding assistance for the OCLC Reclamation Project.

2013-10-18 08.34.48
Have Laptops, Will Travel!

And then there is the Systems Team. They have been busy since very early this morning changing all the admin passwords. I am gradually being willowed down to being useful mainly for the knowledge inside my head, cause I certainly can’t access any systems! Later today, they will also lock down all my personal stuff, my email account and my Horizon accounts and so on.

2013-10-18 08.34.41
Systems Team – really blurry, through a window shot. But there they are! 

But before that, I will clean up behind me.

2013-10-18 08.41.42


It’s maybe from my years in the SCA, where our motto is to ‘pick up all your trash and leave the site better than you found it.’ It may be left over from the years of moving and having to scrub out other people’s slime and gunk before I’d even let food into the house. I just want to leave this office clean. And my online office – I’ve not only been spending these last days making sure the information I’ve left in the common storage drives have been up to date, and doing the copy/paste dance from my head into the Teams’ Pages in our knowledge center, but I’ve been cleaning out my personal electronic storage spaces. None of that needs to be left behind. And I know it will all get wiped – Mike will be wiping my computer at some point – I just feel better verifying I’ve cleaned up access to my Dropbox and LastPass and other conveniences I’ve set up on this computer. My history on all the browsers.

I’ve got some final ‘thank yous’  to write and I remain available to answer any last minute questions; the team has been reviewing the files and coming to me for clarification or to ask me to rewrite/improve/make sense of some of the documentation I’ve left. And I’m going to take more pictures!


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