To Crown and Back Again!

It was one of those lovely days where everything is comfortable and there are nice people everywhere and I got to say at least “hi” to a lot of them. Totally a winner of a day.

Aoden and I left here in good time, and chattered happily until we ran into the hwy 94 construction parking lot. You know that game you play with the garmin, where you try to shave a minute or so off the time the garmin says you will arrive? We were doing fine up to that point. Makes me laugh how traffic can slow down that much over a merge point.

I was helping Aoife and Tig so dropped my stuff off there, ran over to my own household to get hugs, ran over to the House of Cards to get hugs, came back to Aoife to be useful. Hugged Mairghread and bounced back to Aoife. Discussed how she and Tig wanted to walk their procession. Stood in the long line with them except for the bit where I went towards the back to hug Luce and Yngvar (and a number of people for a second time! squee!)

Aoife’s boast about her champion was true and from her heart. Tig fought well for his Lady. It was a good day of fighting for all the combatants, I believe.

The Grant Level meeting with Her Majesty was interesting. I think I will be participating more in the email lists, at least.

I need to get to a fiber festival this morning, but in short, the day was a good time. It had been a long time since I’d been to an event; I’m glad I went. Maybe should make plans to attend another one soon…


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