Sourdough and what ferments in the crock

2013-10-04 07.59.24


These are the pieces that we did not use for the SELCO yarn bombing project. Like the bits of sourdough that you throw back into the crock, I’ll use these to kickstart my next project unless someone asks for them back.

It was fun. And it looks good even in the dreary weather we had yesterday.When the librarians come to a meeting here next Tuesday, I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

So….then there were the pictures. I’m tired of not liking the way I look in pictures so I came home and ran for 10 minutes. Not all at once – I’d run for 1-2 minutes and then have to walk around the house to catch my breath and then run some more. Like that. Started counting calories again. AND the number of servings of veggies; well, been doing that for weeks now trying to get to the 5-7 recommended. I’m hitting 5 on most days. Only one so far today though…

I know. This is a common theme on this blog. Dissatisfaction with the way I look and changes for a few days but not for very long and so why bother? I’ve been not bothering for a long time. I think along with a new job and new clothes, I need to work on bothering about my weight.

So I look better in the next yarn bombing I do.


Now there is an idea. Progressive pictures based on yarn bombing, showing me getting better and better.  heh. Maybe.

I don’t want to be accountable to the great big internet, you know? I can barely keep myself accountable to my self for 30 days! I’ve been part of a 30 day accountability group and this last week, I’ve slipped. Later today, I’ll unslip. But right now, a quick shower and shopping! Look for that on Locawear, OK?

Frankly, life is like that sourdough crock…remember friendship bread? I remember someone who barely talked to me, even though we lived next door to each other, giving me a starter and a bread pan cause she didn’t want to let it die out. She was determined, lol. We had very little to talk about to each other, too. Yes, me, not sure what to say to someone. Anyway, you grab a handful of the batter before you start kneading in more flour, and throw it back in with some yummy sugar and flour to feed the yeast and help it survive until the next weekend. I think I do that a lot in life. Survive until the next feeding, or until the weekends, take it as you will. And if it’s going to be, it’s up to me, right?



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